Boiler Servicing

Heatworks specialise in Worcester Bosch Boiler servicing & repairs. Please see below for whats involved in a boiler service.

Annual boiler service;

A regular annual boiler service consists of a full visual inspection, check gas inlet pressures, Fan pressure, full Co2 analysis & adjustment of the boilers gas valve. Remove & clean condensate trap if required. Check system pressure, controls & complete service record.

This type of service is recommended annually.

Full strip-down service;

A full strip down service is much more intrusive, it involves access & removal of the boilers ignition system, fan, burner, baffles & heat exchanger, each part is inspected & cleaned accordingly. Complete with all of the above 'annual boiler service' checks. Combustion seals are also replaced.

This type of service is recommended every 6 or 7 years.

Its not un-common for a boiler to have never had a full strip down service, the long term effects are a boiler that will be running far less efficiently & far more likely to breakdown!

Full strip service to Worcester Ri boiler, the boilers heat exchanger & sump had large amounts of debris build up, a failed combustion seal & worn electrodes. Only visible with a major service...

Poorly maintained / lack of servicing casued a failure of this Worcester Bosch boilers ignition electrodes - older models have a sight glass / viewing window which in extreme circumstances can break & damage the case, wiring harness & sensors inside the boiler!

Regular servicing would have picked up this potential fault before it failed!